-Joel Yaffe, Ideas2Market Founder

      Ideas2Market engages with exceptional minds on challenging adventures focused on evolving the world we live in for the better. We've logged 20+ years of successful concept incubations, occasionally resulting in award-winning products, ground-breaking services, and even some crazy appearances on Late Night TV. Our guiding principles >

      • Do what you love.
      • Fail fast. 
      • Succeed with class.
      • Don't be a hero, be good, consistently.




      Adventure 15 - 2018

      Now open for the 2020 Season







      Adventure 16 - 2019

      Re-Opening Fall 2020




      Adventure 14 - 2019




      Adventure 13 - 2019
      #sheltr #socialgood #hackinghomelessness






      Adventure 12 - 2016



    • Adventure #11 - 2016




      Adventure #10 - 2015

      Joel Yaffe



      Adventure #09 - 2014













      Adventure #8 - 2012

      Joel Yaffe

      The Gameification of Giving

      Partner, Co-Founder

      I Can Go Without was a social giving platform that enabled hive philanthropy by connecting causes and donors in a fun engaging way - we simply allowed people to swap a WANT, for someone else's NEED. Paul Rowland created the "worlds first mobile giving platform" and Ideas2Market joined I Can Go Without as a venture partner and consultant in 2012.

      VIA BETAKIT - January 2014

      Looks like British-American tech and social media news blog Mashable is keeping a close eye on Montreal-based startups lately. Just last month it named InfoActive to its 2014 Kickstarter gadgets to watch list. Now it has selected Montreal’s I Can Go Without as one of its “6 Apps That Fit Charity into Your Daily Routine“.

      VIA MASHABLE -Jan 2014

      The simple app has become one of the most efficient fundraising tools for its charity partners, which include Thirst Relief International, ONEXONE and Sightsavers. The app keeps 6.9 cents of each donated dollar for operating costs.

      Joel Yaffe
      Joel Yaffe
      Joel Yaffe
      Joel Yaffe
      Joel Yaffe
      Joel Yaffe



      Adventure #07 - 2010



      News: GuestDriven was racquired by Porter & Sail - click to read more.

      Joel Yaffe, founder

      Founding Partner

      GuestDriven is a guest engagement platform allowing hotels to engage with their guests in real-time, creating hyper-personalized experiences. GuestDriven services customers online and through independent agents and value-added resellers located across the globe. From Boutique to Global Brands, from Select- to Full-Service Properties, and from City Hotels to Beach Resorts, GuestDriven is deployed globally. GuestDriven is the Ultimate Guest Experience.

      A constituent of the 2014 CIX Top 20 and a 2015 Cool Vendor in Hospitality Technology by Gartner Research, GuestDriven runs on the leading edge of guest engagement strategy and technology. GuestDriven is enabling hoteliers to drive more revenue through mobile interactions and personalization of the guest experience. GuestDriven provides deeper insights into guest preferences and behaviours in real-time, and a suite of integrated tools for targeting, campaigning and interacting with the guest at each and every stage of travel.

      Joel Yaffe
      Joel Yaffe


      February 16, 2014 - Most hotels these days get their bookings through a site like Expedia and feedback from guests via Yelp, making it hard for them to keep track of who has stayed before and whether they had an amazing or mediocre experience. Canadian startup GuestDriven aims to change this by providing a real-time platform for guest and hotel to communicate throughout their stay.


      October 21, 2014 - The 2014 CIX Top 20 is a showcase of the hottest, most innovative Canadian companies in ICT and Digital Media. Companies are chosen by a selection committee of professionals in the finance and technology industries.

      VIA THE NEW YORK TIMES - October 11, 2014

      The first generation of hotel smartphone applications was about as useful as a flimsy shower cap: nice idea, poor execution. Now, the next iteration is proving more powerful, giving guests incentives to download them, if only for the length of their trips.


      Adventure #6 - 2009

      Joel Yaffe, founder/developer

      The worlds 1st "app" for Hotels. Yes, the 1st.

      Founder 2009 - Montreal, Canad

      Combining proven escalating social trends with established income generation methods, hotels operators and property management firms can now increase sales while providing a much sought-after value added service to their guests and clients.

      Joel Yaffe, founder, developer
      Mihai Frimu, The Great
      Joel Yaffe, founder

      Adventure #05 - 2007

      Apple Product Rentals to Hotels

      The "Boutique Hotel Initiative"

      Hotels in Montreal wanted Apple products, so we began to furnish them with customized Apple products though our boutique hotel initiative at I-TECHNIQUE Apple Service Centre. The Critical Touch was the alpha to MConcierge Systems, which we founded 2 years later.

    • iSCREEN

      Adventure #04 - 2006

      Digital Advertising

      Founder, Producer

      Using the front window of our Saint Laurent Shop we broke ground in digital broadcasting by installing one of the first "big-screen" on a public street. Unfortunately, during a robbery, all the computers and drives containing the data and media / video advertisements we created for this epic venture were stolen and never recovered.

    • Adventure #03-2005

      Apple Authorized Service Providers

      Founder, Operator, AASP, ACMT

      Montreal + Toronto - As a four time recipient of Apple’s prestigious “Premium Service Provider” award (granted to the top performing Authorized Service Providers worldwide) our customers enjoy top notch personalized service and speedy, reliable repairs. Our repair turnaround time is usually less than half of the AASP average, with most diagnostics being run within a business day and repairs usually completed within a business day or two. www.itechnqiue.ca


      Adventure #02-1999

      CFMB 1280

      House & Techno Radio Sho

      Content showcased the local underground scenes as well as performers from the electronic music world as they passed through Montreal. With a classic mix up of interviews, information workshops and music scene reports programming we reached out and attract listeners through a variety format.

      THUMP RADIO programming is dynamic and packs a punch with live sets, headliner interviews, unsigned and sometimes unrehearsed. Always working at the sound of speed, your hosts Mr. Parker along with Mr. Jones and Miss Jenny, E.P. Bergen & Yves-O at the controls we'd mix you in and out of consciousness with original segments.


      Adventure #01-1998


      Thump n' Bump - Where Position Is Everything.

      Founder, Media Producer

      In the crucible that was the Internet there was Thump n' Bump Technical School House, a Montreal studio I started in 1998. We specialized capturing and re-broadcasting live events via the Internet using ground breaking online-services such as LIVE365 and ZED.TV / CBC, helping develop a new customer base the "broadband consumer". Our channel was Thump TV and our radio show was called The AfterHour Radio Show hosted my Miss Jenny and Mr. Jones. Unfortunately, during a robbery of my Apple Service center I-Technique in 2007 a G5 Mac Tower was stolen along with external backup drives that contained hundreds of hours of epic prime cut video.

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